Discover the Power of Our Expertise with Precon Reviews. Our comprehensive preconstruction reviews offer unparalleled quality assurance, cost-effectiveness, and risk management for your construction projects. By entrusting your blueprint evaluations to us, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that every detail is meticulously examined. Elevate your project’s success with Precon Reviews today.

Who We Are

We are a Consultant focused on reviewing all project documents to improve and maximize the preconstruction process. Reviewed contract documents may include Drawings, Specifications, Consultant Design Reports, Field Inspection & Test Reports, ADA Requirements, Proposed LEED Checklists, Site Safety Plans, Basis of Design Documents, Renderings, City Utility Service Rulings, Adjacent Neighbor Agreements, etc. to perform a detailed review for:

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Warehouse & Storage

Health Care

Project Types

New Construction

Major Renovation



Nationwide Experience

Though our roots are deeply embedded in the dynamic landscape of New York City, Precon Reviews has cultivated a wealth of experience that extends far beyond its bustling streets. With a proven track record of success nationwide, our expertise transcends geographical boundaries. Whether in the heart of Manhattan or on the shores of California, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering.
Our standardized process and comprehensive knowledge base ensure consistency and quality in every preconstruction review, regardless of location. Trust Precon Reviews to bring the same level of expertise and dedication to your project, no matter where it may be.

Additional Services


Owners Rep

Procurement & Early Bid Packages

Follow-Up Design Reviews

Budget & Schedule Evaluation

Loan Monitoring

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