What to Expect & When to Implement

What to Expect

Upon Precon Reviews LLC contract agreement and receipt of project design documents, we will need a few weeks (est. 2-6 weeks, depending on size and quantity of documentation) to review and provide thorough results.  Outcome documents may be as follows:

When to Implement

You can implement our services during any design milestone stage.  We do however suggest reviewing construction documents in their most advanced form, to best help identify details and coordination conflicts not identifiable during very early stage design.

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Who Can Benefit From Our Services

Our services are beneficial to everyone involved in the design and construction of New Buildings, Major Rehabilitation, or any other Building construction work.

Design Teams

Can use our services as another set of experienced eyes to review the documents prior to distribution for design-bid-build or design-build projects.  Our services can help reduce coordination discrepancies, design concerns, and identify additional details needed, which can help mitigate delays resulting from incomplete design, allowing the construction process to flow a bit more smoothly once started, and potentially reduce claims against the design team during the construction process.

Owners & Developers

Can use our services as an additional professional focused on advancing the construction documents as much as possible before the construction process starts.  We can help progress the construction design by identifying potential design gaps or issues before they have a negative impact on the project (cost or time).  We can also perform a Constructability Review and VE to assessment help ensure ownership is achieving the right product at the right price.

General Contractors, Construction Managers, and Trade Contractors

Can use our services early in the construction process (before or after awarding of contract) to help assist their preconstruction efforts to quickly identify potential drawing and coordination concerns, potential scope gaps, identification of Required Submittal Lists, Closeout Requirements, initial creation of Material Tracking Logs, and identify potential VE savings.  This information can help expedite all preconstruction efforts.  We can essentially be considered a member of the Preconstruction Team.

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