At Precon Reviews, we’re you’re trusted partner in maximizing your benefits during the preconstruction phase. Our team meticulously examines construction drawings to guarantee precision and quality in every detail. From architectural finesse to mechanical functionality, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring your project’s success. Choose Precon Reviews for comprehensive services that set the foundation for seamless construction execution.

Design Completeness & Functionality

Ensuring design completeness and functionality for flawless construction execution.

Coordination Errors

Catching discrepancies between different disciplines’ drawings, such as conflicts between architectural and mechanical systems or electrical and structural layouts.

Material Specifications

Verifying that the specified materials and products meet project requirements, standards, and performance expectations.

Constructability Challenges

Recognizing design elements that may present challenges during the construction process, such as tight spaces, inaccessible areas, or complex assemblies.

Value Engineering

Suggesting alternative approaches or materials that could achieve the same design intent at a lower cost without compromising quality or functionality.

Risk Assessment:

Identifying potential risks or liabilities associated with the design, construction methods, or site conditions, and providing recommendations for mitigation.

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